How do I pair my Nomiku with the iOS Tender App?

Your Nomiku connects to the cloud in order to sync with your Apple device. Nomiku's cloud service is called Tender, and allows you to remotely control your WiFi Nomiku by sending cook times and temperatures straight from a recipe on Tender to your WiFi Nomiku.


1) Place your WiFi Nomiku in a water bath above the minimum water level. This protects the pump from damage when the unit is turned on

2) Plug in the Nomiku to turn it on, and connect to WiFi. You won't be able to communicate with between Tender and your Nomiku without a WiFi connection.

3) Download Tender for your iOS device by clicking here: Tender for iOS


1) On your WiFi Nomiku, press the Menu button to go to the Main Menu.

2) Turn the knob on the Nomiku to highlight 'Settings', and then press the Action button on the Nomiku.

3) Use the knob to highlight 'Pair Device', and then press the Action button. A Pairing Code will appear on your Nomiku's screen.

Tender for iOS

1) Once the Tender app is downloaded, press the app to open it, and then sign up for a Tender account/Log into your existing Tender account.

2) Press the Menu button in the top left corner of the app (4 horizontal lines)

3) Press 'My Devices'

4) Press the Add (+) button in the top right corner of the app. 

5) Press 'Pair Nomiku' on the popover dialog that appears.

6) Enter the pairing code from your Nomiku, and name your Nomiku.

7) Press 'Continue'

You're paired! The new Nomiku is activated by default. You can change between devices by going back to the Tender app's menu, pressing 'My Devices', and pressing the device you prefer.

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