How do I connect to WiFi on my Nomiku?


  1. Ensure your WiFi Nomiku is placed in a water bath above the minimum water level.
  2. Plug in the WiFi Nomiku to turn it on.
  3. Press the Menu button on the WiFi Nomiku.
  4. Use the knob to select Setup WiFi, and then press the Action button on the WiFi Nomiku (Nomiku's on older firmware may show this as 'Quick Start' instead).
  5. The WiFi Nomiku will show you a specific WiFi network to connect to on an external device, along with the network's numeric passcode. The network will begin with Nomiku, and end with three numbers (Ex. Nomiku_XXX)
  6. When you select that network on your external device, you can then enter the numeric password for the network to connect.
  7. Once on the Nomiku network, use your device's web browser to go to
  8. Select your local network from the list, enter the passcode for your local network below, then click "Connect"
  9. Your device will reboot and connect to the network

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