Keep a water bath at a high temperature

In some cases, at high temperatures (>180 F), Nomiku may have trouble maintaining the temperature of a large water bath. This is because evaporation and cooling can exceed the power output by Nomiku. In this case, you can take several steps to reduce the cooling and let Nomiku maintain the temperature better:

  • For the best results, use an insulated container like a cooler. If that is not possible, make sure that your pot or container is not directly on a countertop, but is on a trivet. It may also help to wrap a pot in a towel to improve insulation.
  • Put a small amount of air into a plastic bag and float the plastic bag on the water. This prevents evaporation by reducing the surface area of water exposed to air. Alternatively, you may cover your container with plastic wrap, but this is less effective.

If these are not effective, there may be an issue with your unit, and you should contact us for support.

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