How do I clean my Nomiku?

The Nomiku Classic & Nomiku WiFi are not safe for dishwasher use when putting the full unit in the dishwasher.

(But, the sheath of the Nomiku WiFi IS top rack dishwasher safe. To see how to remove the sheath from the Nomiku WiFi, please click here.)

Instead, after you’ve finished using either the Nomiku Classic or Nomiku WiFi, let it cool down (don’t want you to get hurt!). Clip Nomiku onto a pot and fill it with water up to the “Max” level indicated on the device.

Next set the temperature on Nomiku to 65C and add a 1/2 tablespoon of non-foaming dishwasher detergent for every gallon of water used. A community consensus for this is to use a product such as 'Finish powder dishwashing detergent'.

Please note that most dishwashing detergents are non-foaming, as foaming could deter the washing inside of a dishwasher ( Source)

After 65C is reached on Nomiku, allow the water to circulate for ten minutes. After the 10 minutes, turn off Nomiku, rinse its bottom with cool water, carefully dry, and store.

If there is some build-up in your Nomiku after repeated use and you need to descale – which may occur in places with hard water – you can follow the directions above, but instead set Nomiku to 80C and use a 1/4 cup citric acid powder for every gallon of water used and allow Nomiku to circulate for 30 minutes after 80C is reached.

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