What’s the point of having WiFi with my Nomiku?

It’s all about feeling and staying connected to your Nomiku and your kitchen. While your Nomiku is perfectly cooking your food, you can leave the house worry-free. Check up on your cook while you’re at work or on the bus, and make any necessary changes to the time and temp if you need while you’re not there.

Here’s a perfect situation for when WiFi comes in handy:

Say you wake up for work and you have a hankering for a perfectly sous vide steak for when you get home. Simply seal it and drop it in your Nomi-waterbath before you leave. Set your Nomiku to a pasteurizing temp (55C for steak). At this temp, your ingredient will very slightly cook and will hold safely. When you’re about an hour away, just set your water bath to cooking temp, and come home to the perfect steak!

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