Is it safe to cook in plastic?

This is a common and understandable concern.

Modern food safe plastic bags are plasticizer-free and will not release harmful chemicals into your food while it is being cooked. Strong vacuum-sealable bags that are often used in the food industry are especially safe for sous vide. When cooking sous vide, the plastic that touches your food is made of polyethylene and has no plasticizers or estrogen-like compounds (another common concern when cooking with plastic) and thereby have no BPAs or phthalates that will leech into your food.

When looking for a bag to use, make sure they are food safe well over 100C (even though in sous vide cooking you will rarely go above 70C) and are NOT organic, plant-based, or reusable–even though we encourage you to do Mother Nature a solid and recycle any food safe bags you do choose to use.

Also make sure your bag does not have the “sliding” closure, instead, opt for the traditional double seal that you can feel and hear the “click-click-click” of. It’ll ensure no water gets into your ingredients. It’s like sous vide music to the ears.

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