Can I cook my favorite recipe with sous vide?

You don’t need to throw out your Grandma’s favorite recipes to cook with Nomiku. Here’s a foolproof way to convert a traditional cooking approach to a low temperature one:

  • Prepare meat before cooking in the same way as traditional recipe. If there is a marinade, do the marinade in the same way. If there is a sear before a long cook, you should do the sear. If onions are caramelized before being used, they should be cooked. If there is a dry rub, apply that to the meat. However, hold off on salt and acid, as that can dry out or cook the food.
  • If there is a braising liquid, use about 1/4 cup per 1 quart bag. Use to find the time and temperature for cooking your particular cut of meat.
  • Add meat to the bags and cook at the suggested temperature for the suggested time.
  • After cooking, remove the meat (carefully, it may be very tender) and reserve any liquids left in the bag.
  • Add the bag liquids to a small sauce pot and add any additional seasonings to make the sauce (for example, salt or acid or finishing herbs). Reduce over high heat until the desired sauce consistency is achieved.
  • Sear the meat for 30 seconds on each side. Then plate and add sauce.

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